Online Entry Help

We have switch our online entry provider for High School/Jr High meets to  Below are some help tips & answers to frequently asked questions.

Q:  How do I create an account?
A:  First, you must be the head coach for your team (Boys/Girls/HS/MS) - you can create an account by clicking on the entry link under each event page - which will then take you the direct link to entry system - in the upper left corner click on "Log In".  If you have an account log in - if you forgot your password click the "Forgot your password?" link.  If you need to create an account click "Sign up".  

Q:  I've clicked sign up and filled out the form but I haven't received my confirmation what should I do?
A:  Email: [email protected] with your name, your team name and if you are the boys coach or girls coach (or both).  We can help look up what the issue is.  If you are using a school account check your junk folder.  If you haven't received the email (either in your inbox or junk mail) try using a non-school hosted email account (gmail).

Q:  I see an "A" next to my athletes name when when I add them into an event - what does that mean?
A:  That "A" means that the system already has a mark from a previous meet that we have uploaded.  HOWEVER:  You still need to use the drop down to add them into the event - (Varsity/Open/JV).  That "A" and the mark next to it is the mark in the system that will be used unless you use the "overrride seed" box.

Q:  How do I add/edit an athlete?
A:  Click here for a video

Q:  My team is listed as "Unconfirmed" what does that mean?
A:  That means that we haven't click confirmed on your team - your entries will still come in and be official - but we usually don't have time to confirm every team as they sign up - we will confirm your team when we have time or after the registration deadline.

Q:  How can I check to make sure I did my entries correctly?
A:  You can see your entries by click on the meet name - click register athletes -> click "Print Entries"

Q:  I have a question that wasn't answered here who should I contact?
A:  Email: [email protected] right away.