Explanation of Records

Track & Field Records Explained


Q.  Why are there non-Minnesota athletes who hold records?
A.  The reason is because these are records for meets/events held in MInnesota.  As long as it is run with either USATF or AAU sactions, officials or rules records will count, regardless of the athletes home state.

Q.  Why aren't there records for just Minnesota athletes?
A.  The reason is that it's too hard to track every Minnesota athlete who competes out of state.  The time and effort that it would take would be too great for a volunteer position. 

Q.  How much time has been put into putting these records together (both indoor & outdoor)?
A.  Putting together the records have taken well over 100+ working hours over the last 3 years (2009 - Indoor, 2013 - All, 2014 - All).  We did indoor records because those meets were easier to find before.  However, we started putting together outdoor records in the early spring of 2014 (Updated in Winter 2015).  It took us over 60 hours to put together the outdoor records in under 2 weeks. 

Q.  Is it  a manual process or automated?
A.  For the most part it was a manual process.  Only about 5 out of the 50+ events we looked at had results done in our direct format for importing and updating.  For the future it should be an automated process from here on out.

Q.  What meets are considered for records?
A.  Any USATF or AAU meet run in Minnesota.  Any meet with a saction for either USATF or AAU, run with at least 1 USATF cerfitied official and with Fully Automatic Timing (if the meet has running evens).  An example of these meets are: USATF & AAU Junior Olympic State championships, USATF & AAU Junior Olympic Regional Championships (when held in MN), USATF Minnesota Open & Masters State Championships, USATF Minnesota Summer League Meets, Star of the North Games, Hersheys State Championships, Minnesota Distance Classic Meets, and any National Championship meets that are held in Minnesota (USATF, AAU, Senior Games, and Hersheys).

Q.  Do hand times count?
A.  Hand times only count for races over 800m.  No hand times were/are considered for races under 400m.

Q.  Do wind aided marks count for records?
A.  Yes, the reason for this is because early meets didn't have wind readings for all events.  Unless the records committee chooses otherwise wind aided records will count (Spring 2014).

Q.  Do High School meets count toward these records?
A.  No, the main reason is because we don't have birthdates to verify ages for all runners.  These records are for USATF, AAU and open meets run in Minnesota.

Q.  Who put these records together and who maintains them?
A.  Josh Gerber has put all these records together with the help of Jack Moran & Tom Langenfeld.  Jack & Tom have provided many of the early results that were needed to put these records together.  Josh is in charge of maintaining the records.

Q.  Are you looking for more records to add to this list?
A.  Yes, but we will not accept records from meets that don't meet the standards listed above.  To be considered we will need the complete results from the meet in question.

Q.  Who can I contact if I have a question or may know of some missing results that can might be eligible for these records?
A.  Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page, but please be aware that a lot of time and effort has gone into putting these records together.