Cross Country Running Services

                Photo-Finish Timing

Lynx Camera

We utilize state of the art FinishLynx cameras to ensure accurate finish order.  Our cameras integrate with our various RFID systems to generate accurate results in a timely manner.

              MyLaps Bibtag Timing

We utitlize the MyLaps Bibtag system accurate timing of cross country races (usually integrated with our FinishLynx system to quickly generate accurate results).  We can also provide split points along the course to provide split times and team scores during the race.

                  Display Boards

When provided with a video/display board we can integrate our result system and display team scores/individual rankings and results as runners cross the timing points on the course or crossing the finish line.


We provide raceclocks (or display clocks) at the finish line or around the course at various locations for runners to see the elasped time during the race.